LASER CUTTINGwear plate - HARDOX 500 & 400 We laser cut wear plate (Hardox 500) in thicknesses from 6mm - 25mm Wear plate (Hardox 400) in thicknesses from 3mm-5mm Wear plate is an abrasion resistant plate. The number refers to the hardness of the plate, and the higher the number, the tougher it is -->




LASER CUTTINGCor-Ten - weathering steel We laser cut Cor-Ten steel in thicknesses from 1.5mm - 20mm and 30mm can be supplied upon request. Cor-Ten is a brand of corten weathering steel that slowly oxidises up to a point and then requires practically no maintenance. This product turns dark orange, creating an attractive effect which is -->


Tread Plate


LASER CUTTINGDurbar / Tread plate We laser cut tread plate of various metals in thicknesses from 3mm - 4.5mm Checker plate is a flat metal sheet that has raised diamonds on one face, this is to improve grip and reduce accidents. Checker plate is also known as tread plate, Durbar floor plate, diamond plate -->

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LASER CUTTINGCopper We laser cut copper sheet in thicknesses between 0.9mm and 5mm C101 has high ductility and impact strength, it also benefits from being highly conductive of heat and electricity. C101 offers good to high corrosion resistance in most environments and is excellent for soldering. It is non-magnetic, resistant to bio-fouling and machines -->




LASER CUTTINGBrass We laser cut brass sheet in thicknesses between 0.9mm and 5mm. Distinctively yellow in colour, brass is an alloy produced from the combination of zinc and copper. CZ108 is one of the most popular sheet and plate grades due to its hot and cold working capabilities. CZ108 is referred to as a -->




LASER CUTTINGZintec We laser cut Zintec sheet in thicknesses ranging from 0.7mm to 3mm Typically used for applications where it won’t be exposed to moisture and appearance is unimportant, Zintec is cold rolled, mild steel sheet which has been first electrolytically cleaned and then pickled to give it a clean, smooth oxide free surface. -->




LASER CUTTINGGalvanised We laser cut galvanised steel in thicknesses between 0.5mm and 5mm. Widely used in applications where rust resistance is required, our galvanised mild steel sheets have been hot dip galvanised in a zinc coating which provides a tough and abrasion and corrosion resistant coating. Galvanised mild steel is great for outdoor use as -->




LASER CUTTING Aluminium We laser cut aluminium of various grades in thicknesses from 0.5mm - 20mm In its pure form, aluminium is easily worked and possesses a high level of corrosion resistance but its low strength reduces the applications for which it is suitable. When alloyed, however, aluminium becomes an extremely versatile and widely -->


Stainless Steel


LASER CUTTINGStainless Steel We laser cut stainless steel of various grades in thicknesses from 0.5mm -25mm. Laser cut stainless steel provides a good edge quality, clean and ready for secondary processes such as welding. Stainless Steels contain 10–20% chromium as their alloying element and are valued for high corrosion resistance. They are commonly used -->

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Mild Steel


Laser Cutting Mild Steel We laser cut steel sheet in thicknesses between 0.7mm and 40mm. For 35mm and 40mm, our tolerances are + / -0.50mm, this is in line with ISO guidelines. Steel is made up of carbon and iron, with much more iron than carbon. It contains a low amount of carbon making -->

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