High volume laser cutting


Laser cutting is the perfect production method for the high-volume production of metal components due to the speed, accuracy and efficiency of the process. You will receive a set of parts of consistent quality and finish with intricate cutting possible, even in thick mild steel. The high volume laser cutting process -->

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Famous steel structures


A large proportion of the steel we cut is used in the construction industry, but steel has been integral to some of the most innovative and iconic structures since long before laser cutting was developed. Some of the most modern and famous steel structures in the UK contain metal laser cut by Lasered Components, -->

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Green Energy


Lasered Components currently runs four Trumpf 5030 laser cutting machines which are one of the most efficient machines of its kind on the market. A recent development from Trumpf is the Highspeed Eco cutting nozzle which reduces the use of cutting gas by up to 70%, the cutting gas pressure by up to 60%. -->

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Eight things you might not know about aluminium


7% of the parts we laser cut are aluminium, that’s 3% by weight. From drinks cans and food packaging to electrical wiring and plane fuselages, countless products are made of aluminium. It is a silvery-white metal with a bluish tint, the pure metal is soft, but it can be made stronger and harder when -->

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Stainless steel for hygienic applications


16% of the metal parts we laser cut are stainless steel, that's 8% by weight. It is one of the most versatile materials available and the uses that these components go to is surprisingly broad, it is a metal popular in a wide range of industries, from hospitality and catering to agricultural and industrial -->

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Important Customer Update


Important Customer Update Over the last two weeks we have taken measures to protect our workforce, customers and associates. Where possible, team members are working from home, but due to the nature of our business, some of our workforce are required on site to carry out various processes. Unfortunately, it has proved not viable -->

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Covid-19 – A further update


Covid-19 - a further update The last few weeks have been difficult for everyone in both business and personal terms. We would like to start by wishing you, your family and colleagues the best of health. During this trying time, we have remained focused on continuing to provide our services to customers through the -->

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A customer update from Lasered Components


A CUSTOMER UPDATE FROM LASERED COMPONENTS In light of the Covid-19 outbreak, we would like to reassure our customers that we intend to remain operational unless advised by the government not to. We supply to customers in a range of key industries who continue to operate as usual or at a higher demand including medical, -->

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What are the differences between CO2 and Fibre Laser Cutting?


What are differences between CO2 and Fibre Laser Cutting? Lasers have been around much longer than you might expect. Fibre lasers were invented in 1963 by Elias Snitzer, shortly followed by two other laser processes; the gas laser and the crystal laser. The gas laser was invented in 1964 by -->

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