What’s the largest part you can bend?


We can bend up to a 3m sheet and up to 20mm thick, however the largest leg length we can achieve is 550mm. The fold suitability for anything over 8mm is entirely dependent on the design, the radius of the bend and length of the part.

What’s the largest part you can bend?2024-02-01T12:21:57+00:00

What thickness material can we bend?


0.9mm to 20mm. However for anything over 8mm, it will depend on the design of the part and the bends required.

What thickness material can we bend?2024-02-01T12:20:37+00:00

What materials do Lasered bend?


Thicknesses: The range of material thickness we can fold are between 0.5mm to 20mm however, the fold suitability is entirely dependent on the design, the radius of the bend and length of the part. We can bend an array of materials including: CR4 Zintec Galvanised Steel S275 Aluminium Stainless Steel We are not currently bending any -->

What materials do Lasered bend?2024-01-11T12:17:29+00:00

What parameters affect the final bend angle?


Provided the available bending force is sufficient, and the machine dimensions are compatible with the size of the metal sheet, it is up to the operator to run the punch such that the desired bend angle is obtained after release of the load. The final bend angle depends on: Material mechanical properties Material thickness Bending -->

What parameters affect the final bend angle?2024-01-11T12:14:20+00:00

What is bending?


Bending sheet metal is the process of permanently transforming a flat metal sheet into a curve or angle. In processing, bending creates a permanent deformation of the material.

What is bending?2024-01-11T12:06:25+00:00

What is the set-up for bending?


The basic principle for bending is that you need a force for influencing a permanent deformation in the material, and a support for the sheet metal. For press braking, terms commonly used are punch and die.

What is the set-up for bending?2024-01-11T12:07:22+00:00

What is bend allowance?


Bending sheet metal will somewhat increase the original length of the workpiece, perpendicular to the bending line. Bend allowance is the extra material required to accommodate the bend in the material.

What is bend allowance?2024-01-11T12:08:29+00:00

What is a bend angle?


The angle of the bend in sheet metal is measured between the bent flange and its original position, or as the included angle between perpendicular lines drawn from the bend lines. Sometimes specified as the inside bend radius. The outside bend radius is equal to the inside bend radius plus the sheet thickness. -->

What is a bend angle?2024-01-11T12:12:42+00:00
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