wear plate – HARDOX 500 & 400

We laser cut wear plate (Hardox 500) in thicknesses from 6mm – 25mm
Wear plate (Hardox 400) in thicknesses from 3mm-5mm

Wear plate is an abrasion resistant plate. The number refers to the hardness of the plate, and the higher the number, the tougher it is and the more expensive it will be. Hardox is a commonly known brand name, but this material can be referred to as wear plate, abrasion plate or occasionally Tuf steel or RaeX steel.

Maximum Sizes

The maximum sheet size is 3000mm x 1000mm*, a 10mm border is required around the outside, so the maximum part size we can cut is 2980mm x 980mm.

If you require a different grade of Hardox other than 400 or 500, please enquire to see if this is a possibility. Note a minimum quantity may be required.

Laser cut Hardox wear plate in these thicknesses

Material  MM  3 4 5 6 8 10 12 15 20 25
Hardox Available to order Available to order Available to order Available to order Available to order Available to order Available to order Available to order Available to order Available to order
Key Kept in stock In stock Available to orderAvailable to order (lead times vary) Not availableNot available

The lead time for Hardox is 3 – 7 days including cutting time, please check with your Estimator for bespoke and up to date lead times.

Laser cut Hardox in these thicknesses

Material Available to order in
Hardox 3mm, 4mm,
5mm, 6mm, 8mm,
10mm, 12mm,
15mm, 20mm, 25mm

The lead time for Hardox is 10 – 20 days including cutting time, please check with your Estimator for current lead times.

Properties of laser cut Wearplate

Wearplate is used mostly for agricultural/ construction machinery, it has good weldability and can be folded similarly to mild steel but can withstand tougher wear and tear in comparison to regular steel, extending its service life.

Wearplate can withstand heavy impact without permanent deformation or cracking. It is suitable for dumper trucks, crane arm buckets and containers. It’s 3x that of normal high tensile steel but with a lower tare weight.

Laser cut Hardox components
Laser cut Hardox parts
Laser cut Hardox sheet

Laser cut Hardox wear plate

Laser cutting is a fast and cost-effective way to obtain very accurate wear plate components.

There is no difference in laser cutting Hwear plate steel compared with mild steel. The process is the same and so is the edge finish with the increase of thicknesses. Similarly, the same level of detail of design and hole sizes can be achieved.

It is also the perfect process for high volume production of precision wear plate components. The high tolerances of laser cutting mean that the last component off the machine will be identical to the first. With fast turnaround times, it is also suited to prototyping because of the fast turnaround, you can order, test and amend until you perfect your product.

As laser cutting specialists, we always make sure that we source the best materials and our equipment is set up to achieve the best results. Any laser cut steel will have a slight burr but a precise setup will reduce this.

Fast Quotes

Accurate price, reliable lead time, no hidden extras

If you need a quote for laser cut Hardox wear plate, contact our sales team today. We aim to answer quotes sent between 7.30am and 4pm within one hour. Outside these hours we will respond the next working morning. We accept DXF, DWG and NC files, please send information about which material, thickness and quantities you require.

Please note: We are unable to provide quotes or prices over the phone, please email us your requirements and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Not sure what you need?

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