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We want to shout about sustainable materials like aluminium ♻️🌍

Aluminium can be recycled repeatedly without losing its properties, making it a highly sustainable material. In fact, recycling aluminium uses significantly less energy than producing new aluminium from raw materials.

Aluminium is known for its remarkable strength-to-weight ratio, making it perfectly suited for both lightweight applications and heavy-duty projects. By using aluminium in your laser cutting and bending projects, you can achieve significant weight reduction without compromising structural sturdiness.

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Aluminium between the thicknesses of 0.9mm and 3mm can be ordered with a protective plastic coating which is specifically designed for fibre laser cutting. This will help keep the A face of the product scratch free and will give some protection during the fabrication process.

We can offer laser cutting and bending of all aluminium grades in a variety of thicknesses. See our aluminium page for more information on availability and thicknesses HERE.

Excellent corrosion resistance

High ductility & high heat and light reflection

Its relatively low strength is perfect for food industry containers

Good ductility & Formability

Mechanical properties

High corrosion resistance, particularly in marine environments

The highest strength of all non-treatable aluminium alloys

Exceptional performance in extreme environments being highly resistant to attack by both seawater and industrial chemical environments

Medium strength alloy with excellent corrosion resistance

The preferred for machining. The addition of a large amount of manganese controls the grain structure which in turn results in a stronger alloy.

Aluminium is a sustainable material for projects due to several key reasons. It’s highly recyclable, with nearly 75% of all aluminium ever produced still in use today. Recycling aluminium requires only 5% of the energy needed to produce new aluminium, making it an energy-efficient choice. Additionally, aluminium is lightweight yet strong, which can help reduce transportation costs and emissions.

Its durability and resistance to corrosion further contribute to its sustainability by extending the lifespan of products made from this material. Overall, recyclability, energy efficiency, durability, and lightweight properties make it a smart and sustainable choice for various laser cutting and bending projects.

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