Cor-Ten – Available to order!

Cor-Ten, also known as weathering steel, is a popular metal for construction and landscaping. Cor-ten has established itself in the architecture and design world, with its distinctive colour and texture. The weathering process that brings this about occurs naturally when Cor-ten is exposed to a mixture of wet and dry conditions.

Once corroded, a concrete-like texture forms on the surface, providing protection against further corrosion and giving added grip. Cor-ten is a structural steel, it has a higher tensile strength to other everyday steel, making it useful for perforated flooring, fencing and public sculptural pieces. It is easy to form, perforate and weld.

Corten Data Sheet – Lasered Components

Corten edging

Cor-Ten colour development

Initially, Cor-Ten has a yellowish appearance. The colour gradually changes as the protective rust layer develops from orange, to brown to a dark brown after one to two years. A rust accelerator can be used to speed up the process if a darker colour is desired sooner. The protective layer develops within a year under normal atmospheric conditions, as long as the steel surface regularly becomes wet and dry. In an industrial atmosphere the patina is formed more quickly and becomes darker in colour than in a rural atmosphere.

Cor-Ten – Thicknesses available

  • 1.5mm
  • 2mm
  • 2.5mm
  • 3mm
  • 4mm
  • 5mm
  • 6mm
  • 8mm
  • 10mm
  • 12mm
  • 15mm
  • 20mm
  • 25mm
  • 30mm

The maximum sheet size for most material thicknesses (1.5mm to 12mm) is available in 3000mm x 1500mm, a 10mm border is required around the outside, so the maximum part size we can cut is 2980mm x 1480mm.

15mm, 20mm, 25mm & 30mm are available upon request but on a smaller sheet size of 2500mmx1250mm.

Lead times may vary and on average is 7 – 10 days. Most thicknesses below 12mm are kept in stock.

If you need any laser cut Cor-Ten components, please send your CAD files to our sales team for a bespoke quote