High Volume Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is the perfect production method for the high-volume production of metal components due to the speed, accuracy and efficiency of the process. You will receive a set of parts of consistent quality and finish with intricate cutting possible, even in thick mild steel.

The high volume laser cutting process gives us the ability to react to customers’ increasing or decreasing requirements at short notice. High volume laser cutting can be carried out with a minimum of setup, allowing spikes in demand and last minute amendments to designs to be catered for with short lead times. This is especially useful to companies who do not want to tie up large amounts of cash in stock or storage.


Laser cutting is a largely automated process, making it ideal for high volume production. In fact we are equipped to run our machines 24 hours a day. We use a LiftMaster Compact, the fastest and most compact loading and unloading unit Trumpf has to offer. This loads raw sheets and unloads finished cut sheets simultaneously, meaning that a complete loading and unloading cycle, including a pallet change, requires just 90 seconds.


Once the final design is agreed, it is entered onto our system. Because we laser cut from a technical drawing, every part has a tolerance of +/-0.25mm. You can be confident that the first part will be identical to the hundredth, the thousandth and the ten thousandth part.

High volume laser cutting of metal is our speciality

One of a series of decorative panels cut from 15mm thick mild steel on our Trumpf Trulaser 5030


We offer full traceability for all our components from source to delivery. Mill Certificates are available for; S275, S355, all aluminium and all stainless steel. Learn more about traceability here: https://lasered.co.uk/technical-information/traceability/ Every stage of production follows our safeguards and quality standards. We are ISO accredited and CE certified, you can find out more about our accreditations here.


We keep our material costs down using our efficient nesting process. Nesting is the term for arranging the parts to be cut on the sheet of metal in a way that minimises waste, this has the dual benefits of creating less waste product and keeping material costs down for you.


Laser cutting can output designs with intricate shapes and details, opening up creative opportunities for our customers. The combination of precision and speed means that detailed decorative items and panels can be produced rapidly and accurately over and over again and in a range of sheet metals.


We laser cut mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium in various grades, as well as Zintec, galvanised sheet, copper and brass. So whatever your requirements might be, contact the Lasered Components sales team for a competitive price on your high-volume components: sales@lasered.co.uk.

Laser cut decorative brass pieces

These laser cut brass vents show a creative and decorative use of laser cut pieces

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