It has been a busy few months at Lasered Components, so we have some big news to share!


Lasered Components continuously seeks improvement, through ambitious, ongoing investment in our plant, our processes, our premises and our people. We can definitively say that we are doing this in 2022.

We were lucky to be presented with the opportunity to expand into the unit next door to our Braintree factory, it was a chance too good to miss, as it has enabled us to almost double our production space and we soon filled up this new space with two new laser cutting machines. Additionally, we have replaced an existing machine 8KW with a third 12KW, inclusive of an Trumpf LiftMaster Compact, this growth gives us a total of six machines.

Our three new laser cutting machines are Trumpf 5030 12KW, they are capable of high processing speeds and high part quality – even when cutting complex contours. They are significantly more powerful than our existing 8KW equipment, so not only do they increase our production capacity, they also enable us to cut up to 25mm 304HR and 316HR and up to 30mm S275JR Dry.

Along with the addition of floor space, we can now hold an excess of 1000 tonnes of material at any given time, this enables us to be far more competitive with lead times for our customers and ensures the best buying power possible in an ever-changing market.

The LiftMaster Compact is a compact loading and unloading unit designed to work effectively with the Trumpf 5030 machines. This significantly speeds up sheet processing times, requires little space and saves time and money with its impressively short cycle time of just 90 seconds.

Greater stock holding capacity


Our new production space and more powerful laser cutting machines mean that we can now say yes to the increasing demand for thicker laser cut metal sheet, cutting up to 25mm stainless and 30mm mild steel.

We now supply 30mm S275JR dry, a grade of structural steel particularly widely used in construction as it is easy to machine and also to weld both to itself and to other grades of steel.

The 25mm stainless steel we now supply and laser cut is available in 304HR and 316HR. 304 stainless steel is the most popular grade of non-magnetic stainless steel, 304HR is widely used for food production, chemical processing and heat exchangers. 316 has good corrosion resistance and is popular for forming and welding in industrial, architectural and transportation sectors.

If you need any laser cut 25mm stainless or 30mm mild steel sheet components, please contact our sales team for a quote.

We can now laser cut up to 30mm thick steel

If you need any laser cut 25mm stainless or 30mm mild steel sheet components, please send your drawings to our sales team for a quote