The Lasered Components website is built to be a resource to help our customers understand our laser cutting service. We want customers to be able to place an order quickly and confidently, knowing what to expect both from our service and in the final product.

A to Z of Laser Cutting

There are quite few technical terms involved in laser cutting, our new ‘A to Z of Laser Cutting’ page aims to explain a few of these and a little bit about our company too.

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A for Ablation


A particularly useful resource is our FAQ section, this is divided into four sections, Order Process, Price, Finished Product and Delivery and covers a lot of the technical queries we are asked.

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100% of the scrap metal from our laser cutting process is recycled.

Preparing your drawings

We have also written a guide to preparing your drawings for laser cutting. Preparing your drawings properly will help to speed up our quotation process, reduce any queries that slow down processing and ultimately result in a better end product, delivered to you more quickly.

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Preparing drawings for laser cutting


Traceability of materials and components is important to a lot of our customers. We offer full traceability for all our components from source to delivery. Mill Certificates are available for; S275, S355, all aluminium and all stainless steel. This page talks about the process your order passes through, traceability of materials and end components.

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Material traceability

How much does laser cutting cost?

Cost is key to any project, big or small. If you are curious about how we price our laser cut components, we have an article about that too. It explains the factors that affect pricing, why they can fluctuate and why we have a minimum order charge of £75 + VAT.

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The components are nested on a sheet to make the best use of material

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We aim to answer quotes sent between 7.30am and 4pm within one hour. Outside these hours we will respond the next working morning.We accept DXF, DWG and NC files, please send information about which material, thickness and quantities you require.

Please note: We are unable to provide quotes or prices over the phone, please email us your requirements and we will respond as quickly as possible.

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